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Wedding DJ Lancashire

I am a professional wedding dj lancashire. I am working most weekends and performing all accross lancashire. I started to DJ in burnley in 2005 . I did not start djing at weddings. I started to DJ in the town centre in Burnley.

It was a bar that was just open thursday to sunday. As i lost interest in doing the town centre djing. I did not enjoy doing the same venue every week. While i had been djing at the bar I was constantly asked if i could do private parties. I always declined as i was usually busy djing the bar. I decided to buy my equipment and start djing. I became a wedding dj lancashire.

Most gigs were booked for burnley , but i have done weddings in bolton , weddings in blackburn , weddings in colne , weddings in skipton and other destinations accross lancashire. The best part of being a wedding dj lancashire is the people i get to meet. I always enjoy meeting the families of both couples and hope that they remember me in the future. It is nice when you make a good impression and a lot of families will get a photo with me . It is nice when this happens. I am also booked for other functions but next year i am keen to make weddings the usual.

I am trying to ensure this by developing my wedding website and attending wedding fayres accross the county. I am always on facebook and twitter to promote my services and website. I think facebook is the biggest form of advertising for my business. I also get a lot of referrals from people who i have been a wedding dj lancashire for.  I also do a lot of engagement parties and it is always nice to get the follow up booking for the big day !!