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How early should I book?

All the best wedding suppliers will be booked well in advance. The same applies to the entertainment industry. I do not offer discounts for late or early bookings so it is completely up to you. The choices you will have in the run up to your wedding will decrease as time goes on. I only charge a small deposit so my advice would be to book as soon as you have decided you want to !

What sets Kev Riley Entertainment apart from all the other Wedding DJ's and Hosts .

I have been a professional for over ten years and have performed at hundreds of events during that time. Of course there is a lot of competition but there are not many that have the background and experience in this field that I possess. I also pride myself on the level of client service that i offer. 

Most clients will deal with someone they like, respect and above all, trust. I hope to score well in these important areas and I place great value on my regular clients who have used my services again and again.

Do you have references/testimonials and may we contact them?

Yes, I have references on this site, they can be viewed here and all of the references displayed here have given permission to be on this site, so you are welcome to contact them. I am also more than happy for you to come and see me in action at another clients special day.

I have a friend who has a friend who can do it cheaper?

I believe that as with anything in life you get what you pay for. I have always offered high quality entertainment at affordable prices! Also you would not believe the amount of call I receive from people who say “I had asked my friend to DJ for me, but he can’t do it now, can you help”.