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DJ in Burnley

Kev Riley is a dj in burnley. He has recently filmed and starred in come dine with me , this was a terrific success and kev is hoping that his mobile dj hire will rise in popularity with the extra exposure. “I am keen to raise my profile as a dj in burnley. I want to show them my personality and hopefully attract bookings from a different clientele”

Kev is hoping that when the show goes live people will be searching his name in google , which will attract people to the site for potential bookings. although kev is a burnley dj he will travel up to 40 miles to acquire bookings.

Facebook is a major contributor to kev getting gigs , but he feels the social network site may be a weapon for backlash after the show airs on tv. The mobile DJ burnley has made all efforts to be himself on the show and not get drawn into the natural backbiting that is encouraged on the show. kevs other page is www.redroomdj.com or www.kevriley.com

Kev Riley is hoping to be busier in 2013 than he was in 2012 which will be no mean feat as he worked forty eight weeks of the year. Christenings , weddings , birthday parties are the most popular events for the dj in burnley but he has had a major influx of bookings for staff parties and corporate events in the last few years. Kev charges more money for weddings and obviously prefers this form of disco hire as he feels part of a couples special day.

Kev has become so busy that he has given many gigs away due to being so busy. He has charged the other dj in burnley a commission which is only fair as it is kev that does all the promotion and advertising and builds the reputation which results in the gigs being booked. Heres to a fantastic year full of great bookings !