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DJ Great Harwood

This weekend i have been a dj great harwood , it was at great harwood golf club.

I was employed to dj for an engagement party. I am actively looking to dj more parties in great harwood. I am keen to to birthday parties , weddings , 50th’s , 60′th’s or whatever the need. I am also good a\t doing corporate events and other social occasions.

As a dj great harwood i have a superb sound system that is more than capable of handling any function. I also provide extensive lighting when i turn up to your event. The great thing about doing the golf club was the fact that the staff were very welcoming.

They had a policy of giving the dj free drinks. This was great as it meant i could party with the guests and get in the spirit , without di;pping into my wage for the evening. I am usually a dj blackburn area rather than specifically a dj great harwood. But i feel its important to work in a range of areas accross the county in order to get my name about. The main benefit to this is the fact that i can get a lot of work through the referral and word of mouth process.

I hope i can get more gigs as a dj great harwood as i continue to grow my mobile dj business. One of the bar staff who was local said that she was going to book me for her function that she has later in the year. To make a good impression i took a lot of equipment and lighting and had to play a wide range of music. If i was to go back to the golf club i would probably take the smaller speakers as it bordered on loud at times. A great night was had by all and i hope to be a dj great harwood in the near future.