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Come Dine with me for Wedding DJ Burnley

Wedding dj from burnley kev riley has appeared on channel fours come dine with me , the burnley wedding dj  has been doing his mixing in the kitchen as he has entered to try to imporve exposure on his dj bookings. He has been extremely excited to see the show which will air on friday the 10th may at 8pm . The show was filmed back in november when Kev has just become a father for the first time. He agreed to go on the show and had no idea how to cook. Kev who is a wedding dj burnley is more comfortable stood behind a dj console than with pots and pans in front of him. Since the show he has had a lot of interest in when the show will be aired.

He has even noticed increased visits to his websites to see when the show will be airing !!!!

Kev who is often regarded as the best wedding dj burnley is very interested to see how the show has been edited. He is also keen to see the comments that have been put on by dave lamb who is the infamous narrator of the show. Kev has stated in no uncertain terms that he would not do the show again but hopes the experience will stand him in good stead in the future.

The wedding Dj burnley is also interested to see what the other contestants on the show said about him. “everybody was pretty much ok to my face but we’ll see on friday whats happened in reality” . Kev the wedding dj burnley has already got work from the show as fellow contestant Mark has booked him for the Burnley Mechanics for the Christmas parties that are taking place there this festive period. Kev is due to watch the show at the crooked billet worsthorne where they are screening the show !!!