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About Me

Here I am.....


Being an experienced professional. I make every effort before, during and after your event to ensure I have done a good job. Meeting prior to ‘The Big Day’ allows us to plan together particular elements of the evening to ensure the perfect event and give it that personal touch. I can be a good point of advice in all aspects of your evening as i have seen a lot of good and bad and have a great feel for what works. 

From the First Dance to the Last Dance - Let Kev Riley turn Music into memories for you...




My brother Liam also attends most events with me and is also an excellent wedding dj , we work extremely well together. Both of us are excellent crowd readers and are very keen to get people up dancing, appealing to all age ranges and musical tastes. Every event I do gets treated as if it was my own and I try to make it the best function ever! I consider myself very lucky to have played a major part in so many couples’ special day and really enjoy making sure the day ends just as well as it began.

I keep in touch with many of my clients and have had many referrals for friends and family based on the entertainment provided by myself.



In my early thirties, I believe I am the perfect age to look after your evening wedding..  I have a wealth of event and music knowledge from DJing at Bars, Clubs and Functions. I have also run a Nightclub and Bar and can often relate well to the venue management.


I dress smartly at all weddings in order to create the right impression. I made this decision after looking at a friend’s wedding photos and seeing the DJ in the background in a football shirt in an otherwise perfect photo.


I am 100% reliable and punctual. I arrive well in advance in order to put you at ease, and to counter act any unlikely problems that may arise during setup.  Where possible I set up the night before or in the morning of the event. I play until the agreed time and am not impartial to the odd extra request at the end of the evening. In other words I’m not a clock watcher who starts packing up as the evening is coming to a close so I can be out the door on the dot!

Confirmation and booking contract

I always send a confirmation email to confirm that the date is booked . The contract is also nice for us both to have. You have a paper trail to put your mind at rest and I have the security that the date booked. I also have a record of important details, for example:  venue, starting times, first dance song and other important information.

Public Liability, Insurance   and P.A.T  Testing (safe equipment)

I am insured for you, your guests and myself for up to £2,000,000. Most venues now require to see this before the event.  It is another piece of mind  knowing that the entertainment provider is insured, especially where young children are involved! A venue has the right to refuse  permission to setup and perform if the company does not produce evidence of the required insurance. I keep mine on my phone , tablet and laptop and it is readily available at our consultation and on the day itself.  My equipment is also insured with a hire clause. So if I was burgled or had equipment damaged close to your event, replacement equipment would be on hand.


The equipment is a vital part of what makes for a successful event.  The equipment I use is fully insured and P.A.T  tested.  All my appliances are serviced on a regular basis to ensure that it is working at its optimum level.  Spare cables and backup equipment is taken to every event to cover all eventualities.

This is the sound setup I will take to perform your wedding is an FBT system. They are renowned in the industry as a market leader. 

Without boring you with technology rest assured everything I use is what you would expect from a top professional. From speakers to Mixing desks , Microphones to Cables. 

This sound setup is perfect for a wedding function and is adaptable to any venue. If I have not played the venue before I will visit beforehand to ascertain the ideal setup for your evening. 

The System has the ability to be loud but not excessive or overkill. The quality and clarity of the output still allows people to be able to hold a conversation when at a high volume level which is a sign of high performance. 


I use LED lighting.  I use enough disco lighting to provide the right atmosphere , but do not use so much that it takes away from the look of the venue and make it so people are struggling to see each other. The LED lighting is top of the range “moving heads” , so a full room coverage can be achived.  I DO NOT use lasers or smoke machines. 


I have over 10,000 tracks spanning every era. The usual requirement is to play a mix of motown ,chart and party music but every event is unique.

I have an extensive collection of

  • Pop
  • Dance/House/Retro
  • 70’s , Disco , Motown & Soul
  • 80’s and 90’s
  • Cheese and party music

When booking and during our pre-event meeting, I will be keen to find out songs and artists that you like. I have the facility to download a track during the evening which is great tool to have for a rare track request I don’t have.

We will also discuss the all important first dance. I will ensure I have the correct version of the correct track by the correct artist.