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A Night in Stafford for a DJ Burnley

I am just back from a fantastic night djing in stratford upon avon. Being a DJ burnley it is obviously a rare event to travel so far. I dj many weddings but this is the furthest ive driven to dj a wedding party disco. I have travelled further to dj for a birthday party. This was 250 miles to kent !

The day started smoothly until i got to the warwickshire part of the m6 , a 50 minute hold up didnt help but i had given myself well enough time. Upon arriving i realised that the wedding breakfast had run well over . being a dj burnley i decided it might be worthwhile staying over at the wonderful ettington chase hotel. I had a brilliant result after meeting a group of women who had an extra room . It didnt take me lolng to get the burnley charm in full swing with the reception to let her give me the room.

There were many lancashire wedding guests at the party .. it didnt take long to fill the dancefloor. I stayed on till 1am and then as a dj burnley i decided that i would have one or two more drinks in the bar. The happy couple thanked me at the end of the evening which is always nice. I also picked up a booking on the night which is a fantastic reassurance as a dj burnley to know that you have done a good job.

Although i would not like to travel that far every week it made a refreshing change to sample a new area . The venue was fantastic and the bronte suite was perfect , other than having the bar in a seperate room. dj burnley prefers to get everyone in the same room to ensure the maintanence of the atmosphere. The main difficulty was staying over without my millie rose.